Energy Management Program


In 2006, the Nunavut Cabinet approved the Nunavut Energy Management Program Policy which allows the Government of Nunavut to use existing energy budgets to enter into long-term agreements with qualified energy management firms that will finance, develop and implement energy retrofit projects.

Modelled on the Government of Canada’s Federal Buildings Initiative, the self-funded Nunavut Energy Management Program (NEMP) assists the GN in entering into contracts with qualified energy management firms. Future energy savings will be used to repay the investments required for this work. CGS also will investigate leading edge technologies, which may have an economic application in Nunavut’s extreme climate and energy price regime.

The scope of work under this program includes such measures as energy-efficient lighting, building automation systems, air sealing, insulation, building operator training and occupant education. The savings will be monitored and tracked in each facility by building staff. The Iqaluit Pilot Project is the first Project developed and funded under NEMP.

Nunavut Energy